Spring is just over there in rape-seed flower/ 春はそこまで 菜の花畑

Brassica napus/ Rapeseed blossom/ ナノハナ

In a yellow field of rape-seed flowers, a young couple just married taking photo in Japanese Kimono wear.

Date, 撮影日: 17.02.2018

Place, 撮影場所: 東京 中央区 浜離宮恩賜庭園 Hama-rikyu garden Cyuo Tokyo

According to my mind Japanese apricot/ 思いのまま 梅

Pink and white rare Japanese apricot flower “Omoinomama” literally “according to my mind”.

Prunus mume/ Japanese apricot/ ウメ 梅

Date, 日にち:17.02.2018

Place, 撮影場所: 東京 中央区 浜離宮恩賜庭園 Hama-rikyu garden Cyuo Tokyo

Silver shining Rose-gold pussy willow/ 光る花 ねこやなぎ 

In Tokyo, still shivering cold days, but rose-gold pussy willow in front of snow melting flow is shining with silver color. It looks warm like cat’s tail.

Rose-gold pussy willow/ 猫柳 ネコヤナギ

Salix gracilistyla/ Rose-gold pussy willow/ 猫柳 ネコヤナギ


Date, 撮影日:  27.01.2018
Place, 撮影場所: 東京 練馬 石神井公園 Syakujii park, Nerima, Tokyo

Chinese witch hazel starts blooming/ シナマンサクが咲き始めました

Chinese witch hazel, it belongs to Japanese witch hazel, which can be a little bit earlier than Japanese one. Since the flower is not so big and hard to find, but the shape is unique like skeleton.


Chinese witch hazel/ シナマンサク

Hamamelis mollis/ Chinese witch hazel/ シナマンサク

マンサクに比べて花の香りが強く、枯葉が冬の間は落ちずに枝に残っているのが特徴です。Comparing Japanese witch hazel, it has leaves in even in winter time and a little bit stronger smell.

Chinese witch hazel/ シナマンサク

Date, 撮影日 26.01.2018

Place, 撮影場所 東京 日比谷公園 Hibiya park, Tokyo

Japanese apricot in cold days/ 寒中梅


In Tokyo, cold days are continuing after heavy snow in this Monday, and still remaining many snow. However, pink plum flowers shivering in cold wind give me a brave.

寒中梅/ Japanese apricot in cold days

Prunus mume/ Japanese apricot/ 梅 ウメ

Date, 撮影日 25.01.2018

Place, 撮影場所 東京 練馬 関町 Sekimachi Nerima Tokyo

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