New Year’s Japanese apricot/早春の梅

Prunus mume/ Japanese apricot/ ウメ
Prunus mume/ Japanese apricot/ ウメ

When I visited my guardian shrine, I found some blossoms of Japanese apricot. I suppose this tree blooms earliest in my area, and blessed new year!


Date,日にち:1 January 2019

Place, 場所:東京 練馬 天祖若宮八幡宮 Tenso-wakamiya hachiman shrine Nerima Tokyo


A flower of Anemone keiskeana/ 雪割一華(ユキワリイチゲ) 花一輪

Anemone keiskeana/ ユキワリイチゲ

Anemone keiskeana/ ユキワリイチゲ

A samll soft pink or violet flowers blooming in very early spring among dead grass, Japanese name is one-flower from under snow.

Date, 撮影日 03.02.2018
place, 撮影場所 東京 府中 神代植物公園 でサイトを作成 テーマ: Baskerville 2 by Anders Noren

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