Cornelian cherries has just begins to open/ サンシュユの花が春を

Blossoms of Cornelian cherries begin to open for telling spring is near by.

Cornus officinalis/ Cornelian cherries/ サンシュユ

Date, 17/02/2018

place: 撮影場所  日比谷公園


According to my mind Japanese apricot/ 思いのまま 梅

Pink and white rare Japanese apricot flower “Omoinomama” literally “according to my mind”.

Prunus mume/ Japanese apricot/ ウメ 梅

Date, 日にち:17.02.2018

Place, 撮影場所: 東京 中央区 浜離宮恩賜庭園 Hama-rikyu garden Cyuo Tokyo

Silver shining Rose-gold pussy willow/ 光る花 ねこやなぎ 

In Tokyo, still shivering cold days, but rose-gold pussy willow in front of snow melting flow is shining with silver color. It looks warm like cat’s tail.

Rose-gold pussy willow/ 猫柳 ネコヤナギ

Salix gracilistyla/ Rose-gold pussy willow/ 猫柳 ネコヤナギ


Date, 撮影日:  27.01.2018
Place, 撮影場所: 東京 練馬 石神井公園 Syakujii park, Nerima, Tokyo

Chinese witch hazel starts blooming/ シナマンサクが咲き始めました

Chinese witch hazel, it belongs to Japanese witch hazel, which can be a little bit earlier than Japanese one. Since the flower is not so big and hard to find, but the shape is unique like skeleton.


Chinese witch hazel/ シナマンサク

Hamamelis mollis/ Chinese witch hazel/ シナマンサク

マンサクに比べて花の香りが強く、枯葉が冬の間は落ちずに枝に残っているのが特徴です。Comparing Japanese witch hazel, it has leaves in even in winter time and a little bit stronger smell.

Chinese witch hazel/ シナマンサク

Date, 撮影日 26.01.2018

Place, 撮影場所 東京 日比谷公園 Hibiya park, Tokyo

Japanese apricot in cold days/ 寒中梅


In Tokyo, cold days are continuing after heavy snow in this Monday, and still remaining many snow. However, pink plum flowers shivering in cold wind give me a brave.

寒中梅/ Japanese apricot in cold days

Prunus mume/ Japanese apricot/ 梅 ウメ

Date, 撮影日 25.01.2018

Place, 撮影場所 東京 練馬 関町 Sekimachi Nerima Tokyo

Flower of loquat / 枇杷の花


Loquat, popular fruit in early summer, but a white flower is blooming in such cold winter in gentle light, guarded by thick green leaves.

ビワ 枇杷の花
ビワ 枇杷の花


Since insects are few in this cold season, birds which comes to taste nector can also help pollination.

Eriobotrya japonica/ Loquat/ ビワ

Place, 撮影: Syakujii park Nerima Tokyo 石神井公園

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