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White flowers of Slender deutzia/ 小道の脇の姫空木

Slender deutzia/ ヒメウツギ
Deutzia gracilis/ Slender deutzia/ ヒメウツギ


White flowers of Slender deutzia along an alley  tells season of transplanting of paddy.


Date,日にち:27.April 2018

Place, 場所:小石川後楽園 Kourakuen garden Bunkyo Tokyo

カキツバタの花が鮮やかに咲いています/ Rabit-ear iris are now good time.


Blue or white Flowers of Rabit-ear iris are now good time. I can feel a early summer rather than spring.


Rabit-ear iris/ カキツバタ
Iris laevigata/ Rabit-ear iris/ カキツバタ


Date,日にち:27.April 2018

Place, 場所:小石川後楽園 Kourakuen garden Bunkyo Tokyo

カタクリの紫色に癒されます。 I feel relieved by light purple color of Asian fawnlily

It can be the best time to watch flowers of Asian fawnlily, Katakuri, this species is called one of spring ephemeral. I have been no room in my mind to watch flowers since I was too busy, but I feel relieved by frail-looking light purple color. I can feel get some power to work from the forthcoming Monday.


Asian fawnlily/ カタクリ
Erythronium japonicum/ Asian fawnlily/ カタクリ

片栗粉の語源になっていますが、今はほとんど食用に使われることはなく、片栗粉はジャガイモなどのデンプンから作られています。A name of Japanese starch powder “katakuriko” is originated from this plant and used be to be produced, but nowadays, starch power still called “katakuriko” but is made by potato.

Date,日にち: 11 March 2018

Place, 場所: 東京 井の頭公園, Inokashira park Tokyo

Fragrance of Winter Daphne/ 沈丁花の香り


Winter Daphne/ ジンチョウゲ

Daphne odora/ Winter Daphne/ 沈丁花 ジンチョウゲ

Spring smell, good fragrance of Winter Daphne is now spreading in my town, since temperature is warming very shortly recently.I have been so busy and no time to watch spring flower but this flower taught me the spring her smell.


Date,日にち:6 March 2018

Place, 場所:東京 日比谷公園 Hibiya park, Tokyo 

Japanese apricot in Keio-Mogusaen/ 京王百草園で梅見

I visited Keio-Mogusaen for watching Ume, Japanese apricot.This year is colder than usual year and this garden is located on a hill-top cooler t

ウメ 品種:ギョクコウ 玉光
ウメ 品種:ギョクコウ 玉光

han downtown, but still beauty enough to save my mind.

ウメ 寿昌梅
ウメ 寿昌梅

Prunus mume/ Japanese apricot/ ウメ 梅


Place, 場所:東京 日野市 京王百草園 Keio-Mogusaen garden Hino Tokyo でサイトを作成

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